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Zissi's Island is an open-world 3D platformer with emphasis on exploration set on a tropical island. It is the first game I have developed and sold on my own.

Zissi has traveled from far away to visit her grandmother but forgot it was soon going to be her grandma's birthday and didn't get her a present. She must now search the island for pearls to make her a pearl necklace as soon as possible before it's too late... after all, it might be her last birthday ever.


  • A pretty-big open world. Go almost anywhere at the very start of the game.

  • Find items to help you on your quest for the pearls.

  • Dynamic day-night cycle.

  • Talk to the inhabitants of the island to get tips or just find out what their favorite thing in the whole world is.

  • Multiple endings depending on how many pearls you collect and how long it takes you.

  • Relaxed Tropical Island setting.





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